The tour

The distance

Each day I would like to walk approximately 30-40 km. It takes like between 11 and 14 hours on foot. I will do this trip across 11 states and around 80 cities. The distance is going to be split up into seven smaller routes which are between bigger cities, like Kansas city, Las Vegas, Denver. I will start my trip in New York from the World Trade Center Memorial Park and will finish this trip in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, so from the East coast to the West coast. The whole trip is around 5100 km. My plan is to accomplish this adventure in around six months.

How did this idea come into my mind?

In Canada I had the opportunity to hike a lot. I got lots of impressions during my trips, hikings. I read some posts, comments that some peopIe walked across the United States of America. Based on official statistics so far 39 people accomplished this distance. And most of them also did some charity, too with this trip. A year ago I read more on this and decided to do it.

Why do I want to do this?

First of all it is a very good challenge for me. On the other hand I would like to do some charity, too. I would like to donate to the Heim Pál Children's Hospital Foundation for Development in Hungary. So it means I am going to walk for them as well. We are having a common goal with this and with saying that the motivation is bigger. This trip is going to teach me a lot and I believe in that I can help others and can be a motivation for others as well.


Meditation is a very important part of the preparation for this trip. I frequently imaging and going through this route in my mind. Meditation is really important to be able to accomplish this adventure. The consciousness also very important because with this everything will be easier. I go to the gym regularly and I also improve myself, my body and my muscles.