About me


My name is David Nagy. I am 25 years old. I like travelling. I have already been to 25 countries, including Canada and the USA, too. During my trips I like getting to know new people, getting into new challenges. Without these what would be the stories for our grandkids. When I was 18 years old, I decided to begin my life and I moved to the Netherlands, everything started there. Last time I lived in Canada and I got the idea on my mind, let's go home! In December, 2016 I got home and since that I've been working in the media and I really feel I am on the very good way.

In Canada I had the opportunity to hike a lot. I got lots of impressions during my trips, hikings. 
I read some posts, comments that some peopIe walked across the United States of America. After reading these comments I searched more on this and decided that I also want to do, accompolish this trip. It is going to be a very challenging trip. 

It will teach me for a lot of things but I belive in that with this trip I can help others and can be a  motivation for others. In case you belive in yourself enough, you can do everything.

I am ready for this trip.

Will you join me?

The world is too big for small dreams.

David Nagy